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Kool As Ice, Twice As Nice

Don't get caught out with your car air conditioning not working, you can rely on Kool Runnins in Essex. The system needs to be up and running to circulate the air efficiently to keep you kool as ice. Keeping your air conditioning system working efficiently not only helps with cleaning and distributing the air within the car, it also helps with fuel economy as the engine doesn't work as hard moving the refrigerant around the system helping to make your air conditioning more efficient. Do you some times get bad smells when you use your air conditioning? Bacteria build up is a side effect of air conditioning. System Cleaning With the use of Anti Bacterial Cleaning will have you breathing easy & smells gone with  Social distancing, gloves and cleaning items that have been touched after the work is completed all to keep you safe & Kool As Ice.

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Re-gas Or Diagnostic

Car Air Conditioning

Making sure you and your family are safe and comfortable whilst driving is a priority, you can rely on Kool Runnins to provide second to none car air conditioning service. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in air conditioning servicing and repairs, striving to deliver excellence to all customers. Kool Runnins also carry diagnostic equipment to help you avoid waiting in a garage. Any faults found through testing, we will be happy to provide you with a suitable course of action.

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Our Commitment

From the moment Kool Runnins arrive at your door, you and your vehicle are our priority. We will explain everything we do and will answer any questions you may have. With many years of experience working with car air conditioning systems, we can offer advice and guidance on any faults or problems that may be encountered.

Price List

R134a Systems up to 500g, including system cleansing.

From 55.00

HFO1234yf Systems up to 500g, including system cleansing

From £125

Classic Car Retro fitting and gassing including parts

From £110

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